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The power in me

Most months, I have the pleasure to sit and witness the evolution of beautiful souls coming together on a Saturday afternoon with the intention to relax, self care and live a life conscious intention.

This group of people is never formed with the same people and it varies in numbers.

I love the space created by the coming together of people that have never met and are ready to let go, iron out, breathe out the details or the big picture of what doesn't feel harmonious in their lives and create, formulate and breathe in energy, love and intentions, to nourish their dreams and benefit from more life force .

Everyone comes with their personal intention, which can be formulated and put together during the first half hour of the session. The personal intention is enhanced by the intention of others and by the monthly intention as well.

The breathing session lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours, lying down with gentle music in the background, everyone is free to explore and connect with the subconscious mind, through "the talk of the body", the body sensations.

It is such a simple and gentle process and the healing is so profound.

We then come together around a cup of tea and share what our realisations and what ever we feel we want to share.

Group healing is always quite powerful and offers often an opportunity to understand self a bit better through the sharing of others.

Every month a new theme is proposed following what has taken up my attention in the week leading ton the meeting.

The theme this month is inspired by a session I had this week with a client, a heart centered psychologist who does wonders in the corporate world. She had a wonderful realisation, she could witness how: ‘to be more myself so the people around me can be more themselves” had started to work wonders for her. At work, a corporate client could affirm more of his truth, something, he had not dare do up until now in their sessions. I absolutely loved this intention! What a better way to be than wanting to tell others what to do and to aim at controlling every one's behaviour. I can't help thinking that the world would be a better place if each one of us had the understanding that we need to be more of who we are, not less. The power in us is the power of who we are! Most of the time our education has convinced us that who we are is not enough and so we start to box ourselves in what we believe society wants from us. This breathing circle's intention is to gently and lovingly accept who we are so we can enjoy the power in us, for our benefit and the benefit of others!

Saturday 25 august from 2pm-5pm @ harmonie kinesiology and breathwork In East Sydney

The group is limited to 6, Registration is a must, the costs is $50

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