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A journey in being with Conscious Energy Medicine


Conscious Energy Medicine is the Medicine of Love.

Love is the most powerful energy there is. It can heal all pain, abuse and confusion in the past, present or future times.

Not being able to receive love or to give love is the reason why Life will send us the experiences needed for us to awaken.

Conscious Energy Medicine works like a quest.

A quest of recovering the part of ourselves that we have left behind in order to survive, to fit in society, to protect ourselves.

When we get hurt we let go of traits of our personality, we close our heart and hold our breath.

Unease or disease come when there is separation. 

Separation from who we are, from others or from the world.

Separation inevitably happens at birth. It leaves an imprint on our breathing pattern, on our nervous system, on our physiology and psychology. 


With each separation, there is a thought. 

Our thoughts are creative, they have an impact on our health.


With each separation, we let go of a part of ourselves. 

Our ability to love and receive love is compromised.


With each separation, we loose the connection with who we are.

Our life enjoyment is diminished, we loose direction and focus.


Kinesiology, Rebirthing Breathwork, Energy Medicine and Spiritual Psychology  used together with love, gentleness and awareness for

  • the healing of your Mind to create Peace, 

  • the healing of your Body to connect with your Truth

  • the healing of your Spirit to feel Presence 

  • the healing of your Soul to live in Grace.

Initial session

Getting to know each other and establishing trust is important.

The session starts with an information intake of your symptoms may they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

The awareness of your story, your history,  will guide us in understanding patterns or beliefs systems which may be affecting you. The awareness of what is, coupled with what you desire, will inspire us in formulating the intention and the direction of you healing journey.

The quest in sessions 


The quest is to discover, recover, accept and love who you are.

It is to heal the trauma that has made you disconnected from yourself or the world. 

After the initial session where we established together the root cause or causes of the imbalance and we are aware of your intention, your goal in healing and creating the life you desire, we will establish mini intentions for each session.

The brain-body- spirit will respond to the intention in letting us know what is the way of you achieving your intention.

In each session we are guided by muscle monitoring which will indicate the emotions or emotions which are in the way of your intention.

Honouring your emotions

Emotions are how our higher self will communicate with us. It is important to learn to accept and be with your emotions. To let go of the idea that some emotions are negatives and therefore unwelcome. 

Emotions are very precious to your well being and benefit you when you can explore and allow them to express themselves. 

Receiving your emotions will connect you to your heart which is in need of healing. Healing the fragmented heart is healing the child inside of you.

Playing with your inner child

A child which is not loved will run the show and it will make you do and say things that might not resemble you in the present. It reacts  to life from the sub conscious pain you are carrying.

Your inner child holds you creativity and your vitality. A happy and fulfilled inner-child makes a happy and wondrous life!

Your unresolved emotions also impact your thoughts.

Healing your thoughts

Our thoughts are influencing our nervous system. In order to heal, to come out of survival into living a life of peace and joy, we need to feel safe.

Becoming aware of our sub conscious thoughts and unsatisfactory behaviours is an important part of the healing process.

The brain is a living, interacting system and it will help you create new neural pathways to implement new thoughts and new behaviours that will serve you better. 

Grounding your body

To feel  clear, energetic and present, one needs to be grounded. It is in grounding ourselves that we can receive guidance from the universe.

Our body has the answers we are looking for. Learning to listen to your body through the sensations will clear the memory held in your cells.

It allows you to live in present time, connected both to the energy of the heavens and the energy of the earth.

It gives you a way to know how to care of yourself.

Feeling grounded, you will feel safe and gives s very healing sensations of self.

How many sessions?

To receive full benefit of Conscious Energy Medicine a minimum of 3 private sessions is ideal and at least one Conscious Energy Breathing group session.


Private sessions 

In each private session, the muscle monitoring of the kinesiology process allows us to get into the subconscious mind to retrieve, heal and transform the emotions, habits, beliefs and behaviours which are in the way of achieving what we intend to achieve in life.

Private sessions are hosted  in person in Sydney (Australia) or Paris (France) or video conferencing.

Group Conscious Energy Breathing sessions 

The Conscious Energy Breathing sessions are held once a month in timezones to accomodate Europeen and American continents.

How much is a  session?

Private sessions:  2 hours $350 in person or Zoom session 

90 minutes $285 in person or Zoom session

1 hour $210 only zoom session available.

Small group sessions, up to 4 participants $190p.p.

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