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~ Indigo Children ~


I do not think there is anytime to be wasted on being unwell and nowadays there are so many tools and helping hands to help us deal with our discomfort or dis-ease. Now is the time and love is the way!

For the last 30 years, I have dedicated my life to the understanding and practice on how to be well, clear and creative.

From personal experience as well with working with my clients, I have come to understand that healing is a journey to recovery to self. Healing is the gift of life.



I began my journey with the study of Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophy of the Art of Placement for your living or working space. Consulting for friends, family and clients I couldn’t help noticing that their home was indeed a reflection of their inner state of being.


"The body is amazing,

it is programmed to heal"



Comes a time when you realise that your life could be improved on a little or a lot. For some it comes through an unease and for others through a disease.


The first powerful tool I came across was Rebirthing Breathwork. 

I loved the process straight away and I loved how it transformed my life. I decided that I needed to share this process and studied the 600 plus hours it took to become a practitioner. and a group facilitator.

A marvellous journey! 



My son's teacher asked me to take him to an Educational Kinesiologist because he was not “fitting in” . What a discovery it was to see that we could access all sorts of information in the body through Muscle Monitoring. Our body is indeed amazing and works like a computer. It knows exactly what it needs to reach homeostasis and kinesiology can precisely access that information. I definitely jumped in for my own healing and studied and studied… I am now a Registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner.



On my quest to regain health and healing I also have benefited from other processes such as Past Life Regression, Family Constellations, Prime Tuning of Cells, Organ Regeneration and other vibrational medicines.  I have integrated those processes into my practice. What really worked for me is what in turn I offer my clients.

As for most of us, my life has been rich in experiences. My body has been expressing the challenges through illness.

As a teenager, I suffered from Crohn’s Disease, as a mother, from post natal depression then chronic fatigue to only realise a mere 30 years later that the real culprit was in fact Lyme Disease.

I pay particular attention to the health of our digestive system, understanding that our microbiome is responsible for our immune system and therefore our life force. Clearing the blood from parasites, bacteria, viruses and heavy metal frees up  our ability to receive nourishment from the food we eat.

And above the health of our gut, is the health of our thoughts which in turn influences the response of our Nervous System.

No healing will happen, unless the Autonomic Nervous System is able to switch to the "rest and digest" mode of its parasympathetic branch

Our emotions are precious as they are full of information and guidance for our healing journey.

Learning to honour them and to be at peace with their message will heal our heart.

Our soul needs healing. Our Higher-Self  will organise the circumstances necessary for the healing and raising our consciousness. Life  will send us what ever is necessary so that we are pushed on our journey to self discovery and self-enquiry.

Our soul needs honesty and creativity to align with who we are.

All healing may they be physical, mental or emotional are about the healing of the soul.


Conscious Energy Medicine is my process of recovery from exhaustion, low self worth, disease and confusion.

It is based on the understanding that healing is the journey of expansion of the soul through practicing self-love and acceptance of what is.

Healing starts with the healing of the mind, in turn the body will heal and so will the Spirit and the Soul.

Conscious Energy Medicine is my program. Breathwork, Kinesiology, Energy Medicine and Spiritual Psychology are the tools used to connect with and accept the beauty of who we fully are. 

Using the energy of love, gentleness and compassion to create a life of opportunities, realisation of self and profound well-being.

Conscious Energy Medicine supports you in finding your Path, your Truth and your Life!


2003 Cert IV International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP)

2003 Educational Kinesiology Practitioner

2003 Licensed Brain Gym® instructor

2012 Diploma in Kinesiology - College of complementary Medicine



2004 Cert III in Health Professional- Rebirther/ Breathworker Practitioner- Zentium 

2007 The Sondra Ray Breathwork/Rebirther Practitioner training and Personal Mastery Program


2009 & 2011 9 days Spiritual Purification Retreat and Rebirth Practitioner Training - Leonard Orr 

2012 Diploma of Rebirthing and Breathwork- Zentium International



1998 Feng Shui Professional Practitioner Training

2008 Integrated Touch Balance Practitioner (ITB) – Marguerite Wetton

2009 Cert IV in Training and Assessment

2010 Past Life Regression trainings -Toni Reilly Institute

2010 Cellular Memory Integration - The WA Kinesiology Centre

2011Organ Regeneration through Consciousness training

2012 Prime Tuning of Cellular Vibration- Elaine Croker

2013 Australasian Family Constellation Intensive Training

2019- Past Life Regression Training- Dr Brian Weiss


2005 Childhood Reflexes and their effect on learning and behaviour- Claire Hocking

2005 Integrating the senses through movement- In Synch 1 &2 Rita Edwards

2008 Rhythmic Movement training level 1 &2 

2010 Rhythmic Movement training and the fear Paralysis reflex

2012 ACNEM Primary Course in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

2012 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) training

2013 MINDD Foundation Practitioner Certificate

2015 Many Lives Many Masters Online training Dr Brian Weiss

2017 White Light essence Workshop- Australian Bush Flower Essences Ian White

2019 Clearing the Seven Vows of Trauma: Leveraging Neuroscience for Healing in Constellation Work - Sarah Peyton.

2019- Past Life Regression Training- Dr Brian Weiss


Australian Kinesiology Association- Registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner

Australian Breathwork association- Breathwork Practitioner & Group Facilitator; 

2020 Breathe Australia Conference organising committee 

International Breathwork Foundation Professional member; 

National representative for Australia

Executive committee: The Future of IBF

Australian Traditional Medicine Society Professional Member

Brain Gym ® Australia Professional member & Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor


2003-2005 Setting up Kinesiology practice in the integrative medical centre Invitation to Health in Gosford on the central coast of NSW

2004 Volunteer: listen and offer harmonisations - Philippines

2011 Sacred Dance Ceremony and Initiation 5 days on Sacred Land with Indigenous Women exchanging healing and sacred dance ceremonies 

2013 Wisdom Teaching from Aboriginal Dreamtime 5 days retreat in Arrernte country (NT) -Frank Ansell, Nungkari healer and lawman

2014, sole organiser of Breathe Australia Conference on behalf of the Australian Breathwork Organisation on the theme Between Heaven and Earth with the participation of Leonard Orr, Aboriginal and Australian healers and the dynamic Australian Breathwork community.

2015: Volunteer: Listen and offer harmonisations – Ethiopia

2016 taking a year off to learn how to heal from Lyme disease

2017 Breathe Australia Conference Presentation: Health Wellbeing and Breathwork

2017 Global Inspiration Conference Presentation and workshop: Health, Wellbeing and Breathwork

2018 Breathe Australia Conference Workshop and group breathing facilitation: The song of the Heart

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