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~ Indigo Children ~


Conscious Energy Medicine is the result of my personal experience in healing from Chronic disease such as  Crohn's disease, Lyme Disease,  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression.

Being unwell for many years as pushed me to find answers in how to heal symptoms that were erratic and misunderstood by modern medicine. Illness became my Guru and taught me how to understand healing and the miraculous power of the body/mind system.

20 years of clinical practice using kinesiology, Rebirthing Breathwork, past life regression and many other modalities allowed me to see, aknowledge and witness our resilience and our willingness to heal. I developed reverence for the human spirit and admiration for the human heart.

My clients inspired me and in turn encouraged me to know more, to understand better how we can reconnect to our Original Nature, who we really are.

Our immune system responds to the energy of love. Not being able to receive or to give love is at the source of our suffering. 

Our healing is not only ours but concerns our ancestors too as we have received their wounds of invalidation.

AWARENESS is the first step in healing and it is a quality to develop and nurture. Without awareness that you are out of balance there cannot be a conscious decision for transformation.

Developing awareness of your thoughts, words and actions and witnessing your journey in a friendly and compassionate way will support you in choosing the best direction in order to fulfil your dreams. It will inform you of what your present truth is so that you can expand into the healed part of who you really are,

INTENTION  gives the direction of the transformation you would like to experience. A clear, positive, authentic and transparent intention always comes to be. 

Similar to the Sankalpa of the yogic traditions, the intention acts as a vow, a prayer, a petition and activates the heart.

It strengthens the determination and the will and grounds the mind.

It informs our cells, our subconscious mind of our deepest truth.

Living life with intention brings up the material in the way of achieving the intention. It then becomes clear and easy to transform resulting in you being free to act on your dreams.


Kinesiology is a non-invasive energetic healing science which uses muscle testing to monitor information about a person's wellbeing. The goal in a session is to identify the cause of an imbalance and to resolve it. It may be nutritional, emotional, structural, psychological, energetic or spiritual. 

The remarkable efficacy of Kinesiology lies in its ability to specifically trace the imbalance, identify where and why function is blocked and then facilitate a release that honours a person's own healing process.

Emotions are connected to the immune system. Muscle monitoring the emotions that are in the way of achieving a goal or intention, of making us feel safe, energetic or creative is the main attribute of kinesiology.

Profound emotions live in the subconscious mind, buried. They not only affect our immune system, they drive our central nervous system and our hormonal function.

A whole new field of medicine called psychoneuroimmunology is proving this through research and great discoveries. 


Kinesiology is based on the principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) where there is no separation between the health of mind, body and spirit. 

In TCM, the relationship between the meridians of energy (energy lines through the body corresponding to organs) and emotions, thoughts and health and destiny is interconnected. 

Understanding the root cause of an imbalance gives you the ability to hone on the issue and to bring back homeostasis using the principles of the movements of Yin and Yang in the body through the elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.



Rebirthing Breathwork is the art and the science of breathing consciously. This gentle yet powerful technic supports us in getting in touch with our unconscious behaviours and allows us to identify and let go of belief systems and decisions made in the past which are now limiting our growth and wellbeing. Repairing the breathing patterns that have been affected by shock, trauma, confusing and contradictory emotions we felt in times of separation, is the most gentle, safest and organic way to reconnect with self.

Conscious Breathing will support you in letting go of the frequencies that are not matching your intention.  

Breathing supports you in developing awareness, self-observance, and self-responsibility. It creates the space for you to find your own answers, truth, and purpose. It supports you in living a conscious life where you are free to be, free to choose, free to create the highest outcomes.

Breathing consciously allows you to connect to your higher self as well as ground yourself. It is through conscious connected breathing that you become Man between Heaven and Earth. You become the link where both energies meet and uplift your consciousness.


We are energy beings and the energy you are feeling can be shifted with new loving and respectful habits.

Edu-K is energy medicine, it is a strand of kinesiology which specialises in balancing the brain.

 It focuses on the neuroplasticity of the brain, creating new neural pathways to implement new behaviours.


The integration of the left and right brain hemispheres into the Corpus Callosum will improve communication and your bilateral senses, seeing (reading), hearing (memory), touching (writing) as well as your ability to learn new patterns, and fine-tune your inner vision and direction in life.​

With the integration of the neocortex (rational and altruistic newest front part of the brain) and the Limbic system (Fight/Flight/Freeze), one will feel more centered, grounded, organised. Health will improve affecting reproduction, digestion, elimination, and sleep functions.

Skills like concentration, comprehension, clarity will improve as one integrates the reptilian Brain (the oldest part of the brain, reactive in nature) with the pre-frontal cortex (newest part of the brain, able to create win/win situations).

The ease of handling any situation will improve, empowering one to focus and keep perspective at the same time.

Energy medicine works on the Autonomic Nervous system, specific movements, Brain Gym®,  coupled with an intention will promote the myelination of new neural pathways implementing new ways of thinking and behaving.





Spiritual Psychology is the psychology of the body. The body is the messenger of the Soul.

The body never lies, it can't, it doesn't know how to. 

At the base of a body's dysfunction is a thought. Thoughts are creative, they create your reality. Those residing in your subconscious mind may drive your life in a direction you are not fully agreeing with.

Spiritual Psychology deals with the major, most common traumas which have been established as having an effect on mental and physical dysfunctions.​

Birth trauma, parental disapproval syndrome, school or religious trauma, your family constellation, past lives, all have a profound effect on the way you participate in life. 

The subconscious thoughts or belief systems put in place to survive the traumas may have been established at a young age, sometimes in utero, sometimes even before we are born. They were designed to protect you from deep suffering by your ego, in order to make you feel safe. As we grow and evolve, those beliefs place a strain on your evolution and prevent you from living the life you are wishing for.


It is through listening and connecting to the body via our emotions, to fully feel and release them that you will become attuned to your "I am" presence. 

The psychic self is the sensory self and spiritual psychology is the psychology of fully embodying our spirit.








Conscious energy medicine is the medicine of love, compassion, simplicity, and truth.

Conscious Energy Medicine is a simple, grounding therapy.

Its purpose is to support you to free your body of traumas, pains, and confusions in a  gentle and self-paced way so that you can fully embody your spiritual, healthy, and grounded energetic body.

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