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Most of us are actually looking for spiritual healing even if don't know it.
At the base of all bodies dysfunction is a thought. Most of the time we are not aware of what that thought is. It has become a belief and it may feels like it is reality. This sub conscious thought or belief may have been established at a young age, sometimes in utero, sometimes even before we are born or it may come from the culture of our country, religion or family. It has been established in order to protect us from suffering. It has been put in place by our ego, in order to make us feel safe.
There comes a time when this belief or believes come to be in the way of us achieving our dreams. They will have in time an impact on our health and vitality, even on our body posture, creating physical pain and ailments.
Healing is about reclaiming the parts of ourselves that we have left along the way because being who we are was too painful or even risky!

I believe that all illness or disease come from a deep need of the soul to heal. Our soul needs love and the healing is to learn to reconnect with our heart, with the energy of love which is the most powerful and only real energy there is!

Spiritual Psychology is the psychology of the body. The body never lies, it can't, it doesn't know how to. It has all the answers we are seeking and needing in order to heal.
Spiritual Psychology helps cut to the chase and get right into what needs healing, with compassion, gentleness and reverence for who we are.
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