Edu-K is a strand of kinesiology which specialises in balancing the brain. It focuses on the neuroplasticity of the brain, creating new neural pathways to implement new behaviours.
Improving communication with the integration of the left and right brain hemispheres into the Corpus Callosum.
Therefore improving bilateral senses, seeing (reading), hearing (memory), touching (writing and maths), our ability to learn new patterns, our inner vision and direction in life.
With the integration of the neocortex (rational and altruistic newest front part of the brain) and the Limbic system (Fight/Flight/Freeze, feeling driven middle part of the brain), one will feel more centered, grounded, organised. Health will
improve affecting reproduction, digestion, elimination and sleep.
Skills like concentration, comprehension, clarity will improve as one integrates the reptilian Brain (oldest part of the brain, reactive in nature) with the pre Fontal cortex (newest part of the brain, able to create win/win situations).
The ease of handling any situation will improve, empowering one to focus and keep perspective at the same time
Working  with the Autonomic Nervous system to gain a sense of peace, clarity and self love
The autonomic nervous systems responds well to treatment, promoting a free and adequate flow between the fight/flight/freeze (sympathetic NS) response with the rest/digest/repair (parasympathetic NS).
Specific movements (BrainGym) coupled with an intention will promote the myelination of new neural pathways implementing new ways of thinking and behaving.
The integration of Primitive  or Postural reflexes which may have been retained in times of environmental, physical, emotional stresses from the moment of conception to the first 7 years of life, which are impacting our ability to think, act and the natural functions of our bodies is essential for the proper function of our central nervous system.
Primitive Reflexes are automatic actions needed for our early survival. They are developed in the womb and in the early months of life, helping us to go through the birth canal, then with feeding, sitting, crawling, interacting with others, walking, relaxing and sleeping. 
Once the job is done, those reflexes are not needed anymore and if they remain then it will hold us back affecting our posture and our ability to be free to perform the task at hand.
Integrating retained reflexes is a valuable step to recover good health, vitality and your sense of joy and wonder for life! 
Working with children, teenagers and adults recover good health, vitality and an aptitude for learning
The label “learning difficulty” encompasses a lot of different symptoms and behaviours including;
  • As a baby, difficulty to sleep, feed, crawl or talk.
  • As a child, difficulty with reading, memory, vision, math, sports or fitting in, making and keeping friends.
  • As a teenager it can translate as having behavioural problems and the need to relieve the discomfort through substance abuse or trough psychological eating disorders.
  • As an adult, feeling tired, trying hard but not succeeding, feeling at a loss with life's demands; Anxiety, depression digestive difficulties, insomnia, hormonal imbalances and other inhibitions of the nervous and immune systems.
Brain Gym gives us the tools we need to live our lives from an integrated place, meaning that we are able to use all aspects of our brain function and all our senses to evaluate a situation.
Fear, anxiety, feeling lost, not coping or not understanding a situation comes from the fact that we do not have all the resources necessary to respond to that situation.
Educational Kinesiology is a powerful process that was developed through working with learning impaired school children. It is now widely used for people of all ages to create definite and positive change in their lives.
A registered trademark Brain Gym® is a developmental movement program created by Paul Dennison PhD.
It consists of simple activities similar to the movement that children naturally do during the first three years of life. These movements help to accomplish important developmental steps for the coordination of eyes, ears, hands and the whole body.
Promoting efficient communication among the many cells and functional centres located throughout the brain and the body re-educating the whole mind/body system for great ease and efficiency of function. Brain Gym® is a great self-help tool that can be applied anytime, anywhere!
  • Improving comprehension, memory, coordination, posture and vision
  • Changing behaviours and reactivity to life challenges
  • Balancing the brain from reactive fight/flight/freeze mode to healthy altruistic, win/win response
  • Alleviating chronic pain, eating disorders, mental health and digestive issues inc.phobias, substance abuse, insomnia, panic disorders, anxiety and depression
  • Freeing the immune systems to respond to chronic diseases (Lyme, cancer, hormonal imbalances inc. thyroid or adrenal fatigue)
The rapid rate of change in our complex society forces us to constantly confront our ability to relearn and to alter previously learned behaviours that are no longer useful.
Stresses within (food, lack of rest...) and stresses without (fast pace, competition...)  require us to be able to stop and think in order to respond to life demands in a creative, fulfilling way.
Edu-K is an effective tool for learning and functioning at an optimal level.