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creating my day

Last Tuesday, I had the most enjoyable experience during my meditation. I felt that my time belonged to me, as opposed to belonging to the outside world in the form of demands or have to's.

It was the most freeing sensation. I realised that I was free of guilt.

Guilt is my go to dark side. It is through guilt that my ego can take me down the path of anger, sadness, frustration, despondency, I could go on describing where it takes me but I will stop here, I think you get the picture.

For a moment that prolonged to the whole day, I felt free to be.

Free to create my day as I wished. There was no urgency, no rush to do anything. I was just free to be me.

I felt light, young and beautiful! Hahaha! I was in my heart!

The next day, my ego took its revenge and I felt weighted down with a To do list that wasn't funny. I realise now that this list was created by me, even thought it felt real, as a way of controlling my creativity, controlling who I am and what I can offer to those around me. I was responding to fearful thoughts, I was creating dis ease in my body. I was keeping myself small.

Creativity has become a pillar of my healing from Chronic Lyme.

It is the best and the most efficient way to boost my immune system. I feel alive, soft and in my heart when I draw, write, listen to music or take a stroll in nature.

I love it that this month, I am expressing my creativity though teaching the course which facilitated my becoming creative.

BrainGym® is a healing and nurturing self help therapy.

BrainGym® is the work of Paul Dennison,Ph.D. an innovator in applied research and an educational therapist.

It is part of a comprehensive personal development program called Educational Kinesiology.

It is a brilliant synthesis of various discovery from the education, health and personnel growth fields.

BrainGym® consists of simple movements promoting efficient communication among the many cells and functional centres located throughout the brain and the body.

Movement is the foundation building block for learning. It begins at the moment of conception. If part of our early movement or sensory development was incomplete, skipped or inhibited by stress, we build a compensation pattern, creating stress and inhibiting major areas of the brain.

Compensation patterns take us away from who we really are.

Even thought they were put in place by a very efficient nervous system in order to support us achieve actions outside of our means, they as we grow, act like stumbling blocks to our neural development and our participation in the world.

Life becomes challenging, learning difficulties may result, new life situations become stressful and our posture can be impacted to the point of creating pain in the body.

Physiologically, digestive issues, insomnia, mental health and an inability to feel good about self will result in time if the nervous system, the brain/body system, and the way we perceive our world is not harmonised.

It is a great, easy and fun tool to calm down the nervous system, to heal emotions and to feel in charge of one's life without having to control it! It makes us be grounded, aware of our external environment and connected within, to how we feel, think and behave.

It can be applied anytime, anywhere. It can be used as a self balance or to support others.

It is a great way to move clients unable to move forward.

It is brilliant in supporting children, teenagers with their performance at school, their behaviour and social interaction.

It is simple enough to use on our elders to maintain efficiency of function.

I love the simplicity of it, I love the efficacy of it and I love the freedom it has given me to free my body/mind and spirit from being reactive to life, its demands and circumstances, to being creative and experiencing more peace, joy, love and light and being able to live my life more and more from my heart.

This state of being is my wish for myself and what I love facilitating for others.

BrainGym® is accredited with the Australian Kinesiology Association

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