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A balanced life

ballet rehearsal

Is life only just a big rehearsal? And are we only just rehearsing so we can get the right balance in life?

Each experiences, encounters and decisions either get us closer or further form living a balanced life. Are they bringing us closer to our heart or closer to our mind?

The life I am aspiring for now is one that will help me integrate my mind and my heart as opposed to the achievements of projects and goals. This is my balanced life. A balance between heart and mind, rest and play, work and create.

I have noticed that when my mind and heart are integrated, I feel ecstatic, energetic and open to life's experiences in a safe, trusting way.

My mind is full of projects that I would like to birth, my heart is full of love that I would like to share and I know that unless I have balance in my life neither the projects nor the love will sustain my well-being and enjoyment for life.

My body has become my best friend and even thought I would love to be totally healed of the chronic symptoms I suffer from, I know that my body is guarding me from being too much in my wanting to produce, achieve and do.

My body has grown stronger than my mind.

I can plan as much as I want, if my body says no, then there is nothing I can do. Symptoms of exhaustion, pain or lack of joy will prevent me.

It is the same for everyone but we have been trained to over ride the symptoms.

I love reminding my clients that the most spiritual tool they have is their body.

This is why I love and value therapies like Breathwork or Kinesiology.

In Breathwork, relaxing into the conscious connected breathing cycle will bring forth sensations in the body. Breathing into the sensations without engaging the analytical brain will free you of memories lodged in your cells you didn't know you had.

In Kinesiology, the muscle monitoring gives you access to the sub conscious mind and the emotions lodged behind an imbalance. The kinesiology process is called a balance.

Working with the body, gently and respectfully will clear physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues.

I am always fascinated by the innate intelligence of the body. All it wants is to guide us back to homeostasis, the internal state of equilibrium.

Learning to listen to the body's wisdom is freeing. The body doesn't lie, it doesn't go into narrative, it just reminds you of the exceptional person you can be if you marry your body.

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