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A balanced life

ballet rehearsal

Is life only just a big rehearsal? And are we only just rehearsing so we can get the right balance in life?

Each experiences, encounters and decisions either get us closer or further form living a balanced life. Are they bringing us closer to our heart or closer to our mind?

The life I am aspiring for now is one that will help me integrate my mind and my heart as opposed to the achievements of projects and goals. This is my balanced life. A balance between heart and mind, rest and play, work and create.

I have noticed that when my mind and heart are integrated, I feel ecstatic, energetic and open to life's experiences in a safe, trusting way.

My mind is full of projects that I would like to birth, my heart is full of love that I would like to share and I know that unless I have balance in my life neither the projects nor the love will sustain my well-being and enjoyment for life.

My body has become my best friend and even thought I would love to be totally healed of the chronic symptoms I suffer from, I know that my body is guarding me from being too much in my wanting to produce, achieve and do.

My body has grown stronger than my mind.

I can plan as much as I want, if my body says no, then there is nothing I can do. Symptoms of exhaustion, pain or lack of joy will prevent me.

It is the same for everyone but we have been trained to over ride the symptoms.

I love reminding my clients that the most spiritual tool they have is their body.

This is why I love and value therapies like Breathwork or Kinesiology.