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When the time is right

I wonder if you love to pick up an angel card at the beginning of a day?

I do and this morning I picked up the "Humility" card. This card used to confuse me in the past. What is humility?

Different versions came to me along the years, along the lines of: do not think you are a super human, you have limitations, allow others to live their journey even if it feels uncomfortable for you, you can't take other's pain...

This morning I heard clearly: Humility is total acceptance of the experiences God/the Universe/our higher self gives us to live. It is the acceptance of our emotions, without making them wrong, it is the acceptance of our circumstances without making them wrong.

So humility is the knowing that I am taken care of, always, regardless of the fulfilment of my desires, wishes and goals.

Within humility there is peace, patience, compassion and all other yummy state of being. What else would you intend for?

Most of the goals that we set for ourselves are bound to have for result, us feeling safe and relaxed about life. A new love relationship, a great financial reward, a something on the material plane that will help us be ok with ourselves and the world.

The perfection of life makes that only comes to us what we can handle. Our nervous system can only cope with gradual changes. The best way to strengthen the nervous system is to slow down.

Slowing down the pace of our life, slowing down of the need to accomplish, slowing down the breath.

Slowing down the breath is inviting serendipities, right connections, right times to enter a dance of playfulness and certainty with our higher destiny!

Nothing to do, nothing to strive to, just being connected to our breathing, to our emotions, to our state of being and respecting, honouring our selves each step of the way.

It takes training as it is not always a natural way of being. We have become disconnected along the way in order to fit with rhythms that were not necessarily ours.

Reclaiming our breath is reclaiming our self, our right to be who we are in a loving compassionate and creative way. Being consciously connected to our breath is being consciously alive and connected to the life we are living right at this moment in total trust and acceptance.

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