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Important projects

Christmas Lights

What if now is the time to birth your important projects?

What are they?

Felling peaceful, joyful, expanded?

Healing physical ailments?

Feeling free to be yourself, regardless of who is around you?

Birthing that creative work project that has been with you for a while?

What do 2019 has in store for you?

In the Chinese astrological calendar, it is the year of the Pig, which a symbol of abundance.

What would you like to be abundant in? Health, wealth, relationships ?

The new moon of December 6-7 is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, prosperity and growth.

I have also read that mercury is stationing direct freeing us of all restrictions and that the December 22 full moon is in cancer which is making all this very potent!

I have realised over the years of how sensitive I am to the changes of the planet and even thought I am not sourced in this knowledge, I love reading about it. This information comes from Chani Nicholas


I have also realised that Nature, Spirit, the unseen which surrounds us is there present to co-create with us, to help us free ourselves from what is holding us back.

It's not always an easy journey but it is the best journey to take. Trying to ignore it, I feel only results in more suffering.

Working with a client yesterday, dealing with PCOS and trying to become pregnant, was operating under the belief that life is hard, therefore giving life is hard.

Going a little deeper it became clear that life is only hard if, when wanting to birth something, we are instead of fully focusing on this project, we give our time and energy on other projects. Is it because those other projects are those that help us maintain a place or send an image or self in society that we feel is important to keep regardless of how much it's costing us?

Have you ever tried to walk straight with your head turned to the side? It's impossible, regardless of how hard you try.

It is the same with our desires, dreams and projects. Are we looking in the most appropriate direction for it to be an easy journey?

It is the most difficult path to follow sometimes, the decisions that we have to make in order to be true to ourselves.

Does it mean having to let go of social conventions? Maybe. Those anyway that we do in order to not feel judged or useless.

The old paradigm, wanted us to be very busy, in a Yang, masculine type of energy, pushing us to do more, achieve more, be more.

I am happy that the year of the Pig is a Yin year. That means it will help us be receptive and patient, taking time to ponder, and connect with ourselves, our needs.

The first steps to healing are about taking time, being aware, being accountable for what is happening in our lives and then stopping to find the resources we need to change the behaviour.

In March this year, I will be teaching the 4 days BrainGym(R) Kinesiology workshop, which is all about identifying the roadblocks to behavioural changes.

Toxicities, traumas, accidents and belief systems are all in the way, influencing our perception of ourselves and of the life we are living.

Breathwork, which is the art of breathing consciously in a connected way, is also a great way to be in touch with and to release the roadblocks , sometime in place since the very early days of our life.

I will continue to offer in 2019, Conscious Breathing Workshops, one Saturday per month. It is open to everyone needing to find clarity, vitality or relaxation. The process of conscious connected breathing is taught at each workshops and theme is in the background as a flavour to the group's intention, adding to your personal intention.

We, like nature, are organic and we are in a constant conversation with our environment. Let's now plant the seed of the important project of our heart and see when we know how to apply the Creative Solution Energy of kindness and compassion where it takes us. Maybe beyond our wildest dreams?

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