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Oh the cat!

4 pillars to healing that are part of the whole

Most of us are in a way or another on a journey to healing or on a quest to feel happier, freer, lighter.

According to self-reporting in the 2014-15 National Health Survey, 1 in every 2 Australians (50%) have at least one prominent (i.e. arthritis, asthma, back pain, cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes or mental health conditions) chronic condition.

Frightening isn't it?

It seems that as a society we have reached ground zero and that now is the time to do things differently.

Who said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Of course this is not the real definition of insanity but it could be the definition for unconscious living, living life on automatic pilot. This is when we believe that routine is our saviour, our pretend safety mechanism, our supposed comfort zone.

Routine can actually keep us stuck. Stuck on feeling the same emotions, stuck on living the same life, stuck on hoping life could be different if only...something, someone, some different circumstance which would miraculously make our life more enjoyable, different, perfect.

What if there was only one thing that could make a difference? What if it could be as simple as slowing our breath down, slowing down the pace of our life, taking time to stop and think?

The expression "slowing down" says it all. As we slow down, the energy goes down from the busy, intangible head space, where illusions, false perceptions and assumptions are being constructed.

Where we try to rationalise and make sense of situations so we feel safer, able to control.

As we slow down our pace, our breathing, our decisions making process, our energy goes down to our feet, grounding us. As we ground ourselves we feel safer, supported by the earth. The energy that goes with this is solid, we cannot be swayed by circumstances or actions, we are grounded, tangible and able to respond. We are connected to our body, to our heart, to ourselves.

Our society talks about the "rat race". Thankfully we are more evolved than rats and we each have the power to disengage from events, people or circumstances which are not propitious to our values, rhythm and priorities.

What keeps us in the rat race? Why is our society valuing dependant personalities, busy, drinking lots of coffee to keep up, checking the news and social media as soon as we wake up?

Last week when a client was sharing about her last 34 years of unfulfilled married life, I clearly had the image of my client hiding like a "rat" in her own home. It was a cartoon like kind of picture.

This was a bit embarrassing to share as rats don't have good social image, but I clearly saw in my mind's eye, the nice rounded hole in the wall, where she safely hid until the conditions in her life became safer for her Autonomic Nervous System to handle.

I could have said a mouse like in the Tom and Jerry cartoon but it was definitely a rat for some reason.

Regardless of what rodent it is, It's incredible the habits we put in place in order to protect ourselves when we feel ill at ease, unsafe and unsupported.

Our ego is eager to make sure the hurt doesn't happen again, and I am saying again because our psyche will create the situations needed for the healing of our soul. We repeat a "lesson" until we transform it, accept it and be at ease with it.

What happens when our Autonomic Nervous System is required to protect us from danger, the Sympathetic System gets to be a priority sending its energy to the limbs, it increases our heart rate so we can flee the situation easily and here you have the rat getting busier and busier in order to survive.

The problem with the cat and the mouse or rat , is the cat has now become invisible, it doesn't leave us. It can be a family member, a neighbour or someone we work with.

It can actually have unsettled our nervous system since childhood, creating a non existential, not palpable unsafe perception of the world.

Digestion, relaxation, sleep and body rhythms happen when the Autonomic Nervous System is switch on parasympathetic.

If the body doesn't have enough time to repair itself, disease eventually settles.

And the most severe or inconvenient the disease, the more the opportunity for deep healing presents itself as we have to stop, think, reevaluate our lifestyle and our philosophy on life. We get in touch with our mortality.

Indigenous groups know that when one is sick, it is the soul that needs healing and the entire village participates in the healing. They look within for their part of responsibility in the disease.

Our world in now full of Chronic disease, what is going on?

Is this part of our human evolution? My answer is yes.

How do you participate in the healing of your tribe?

What is your dream, your purpose?

Are you at ease, accepting and even curious about how your life is unfolding?

If you wish to slow down in order to be more efficient, the next 2 Conscious Breathing Workshops are on November 24 and December 22, 2018

If you wish to work on your Autonomic Nervous System, the next BrainGym® Kinesiology Training is on March 2, 3, 16 and 17, 2019

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