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I birth myself into the world

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A brand new year is starting and 2019 is predicted to be a positive year energetically and this both in the Western astrology and in the Eastern, Chinese astrology with the year of the Pig.

In numerology, it is a number 3. It reminds me about the Triad of Health we use in Kinesiology as we consider the mind, body and spirit when balancing a client. They are indiscernible, there is no limit between them, they intrinsically flow into and affect one another.

My personal triad of health is

Heal your heart, heal your mind, heal your body

For me a broken heart or a heavy heart can be the beginning of imbalances which may affect your body, mind or spirit.

It then affects your perception of the world which in turn affects your Autonomic Nervous System in charge of the fight/flight/freeze response leaving you unable to rest, digest and replenish, setting up the ideal ground for diseases, big and small.

Some of us are born with a heavy heart!

In utero we realise that life on earth could be more of a challenge than expected. We might feel we have been parachuted into a life of challenges and wouldn't mind a ticket back to heaven!

Some of us had twins who decided to go back, leaving us alone having to deal with the lessons of life.

Often, and more and more, the womb in which we live is not as healthy as we need it to be and we are born with developmental difficulties, a tendency for depression or the development of an auto immune diseases later on in life.

In Taoist philosophy, the purpose of life is to get back to our Original Nature, to harmonise ourselves with Nature, ourselves and others, another triad :)

Our Original Nature encompasses the purpose, the reason why we are here.

Events might take us away from it.

Then comes a time when we understand and realise that our thoughts, our view on life is what creates our reality and that our thoughts are influenced by our heart.

A heart out of balance will create spiteful thoughts for ourselves and others.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the heart is influenced by the state of our liver/gall bladder, who is also in charge of the detoxification of the body, mind and spirit and so goes the Cycle of Healing, each organ deficiency affecting another.

Healing the heart will heal the mind and we heal the body.

Learning to love ourselves is the medicine

The modalities I use to balance Heart, Mind and Body are Kinesiology and Breathwork,

I birth myself into the world

I offer trainings in both modality.

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