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I release control and surrender to the flow of love that will heal me

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

My 2018 collage

2018 is starting with quite an intense emotional energy, in my world in any case.

Could it be that my 2018 soul intention "I release control and surrender to the flow of love that will heal me" is sending me head over heel?

This is exactly how I am feeling, out of control!...But isn't it what I am wishing for?

So why is my body, mind and spirit in disarray?

This is the fight/flight/freeze response of the nervous system! It is not ready to let go just like that!

Surrendering to the flow of love is quite a program. I have outgrown my old safety nets and the transition gives rise to insecurities.

Even though I know cognitively what is happening to my brain/body system and I am able to witness it with incredulity, my body is talking loud and clear through my emotions!

Deep joy and a sense of loss and excitement simultaneously are leaving me vulnerable at times! My nervous system is responding to my intention, healing is taking place through the different parts of my brain, starting with the reptilian brain wanting to protect me from danger, then the amygdala in the limbic system screening and responding with past emotional script and soon it will reach my prefrontal cortex creating a new paradigm for me to live from.

I am grateful that my training in Educational Kinesiology is helping me not only to make sense of it all but it also allows me to train my brain to make the changes necessary for this new learning and this new information. New neural pathways are being myelinated to support my new choice and to facilitate the transition, easing in the growth.

BrainGym(r) is valuable for anyone wanting to use our brain neuroplasticity to ease and support change, to create balance and to facilitate relaxation of the nervous system and therefore healing.

If this resonates with you then the 32 hour, accredited with Australian Kinesiology Association, kinesiology course (BrainGym) might be for you. There are no prerequisites.

I know that love is the most powerful energy when it comes to healing so for those who like me are suffering form chronic symptoms, I welcome you into my program Health and Conscious Breathing workshops. It is designed to inform and support anyone needing an understanding of why we are getting sick and how to bring homeostasis back in the body. We use the breath as the main gentle healing tool to let go of old programs and create a more suitable, nurturing and creative present.

If you are far away or too unwell to attend Skype sessions are available.

Following on from 2017, the Breathing Circles will take place as regularly as possible.

Generally on the last Saturday of the month, Breathing Circles are a great way to experience the healing flow of breath in a safe environment. There is a different theme every month so just pop in when you feel called by the theme! No breathwork experience is necessary. Booking is essential as the group is limited to 6 people.

And as always creativity is the best healer! Using colours to draw or paint or colour in, making collages and listening to music are so healing and nurturing to the soul!

The words of my intention come from a song , by Alexa Sunshine Rose, I stumbled across at the end of 2017 as I was doing my collage and I decided to adopt them as my intention for 2018.

Do I dare ask, what is your soul intention for 2018?

As per the words of another song I heard lately, it is "to dream the sweet dream till your soul is released"

Remember to dream. 2018 in numerology comes to the master number 11 which a powerful energetic portal to ease any passion into manifestation.

My passion is to share creatively and in community how to create health and wellbeing through the powerful energy of love.

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