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Creating the present you are dreaming of.

Photo taken in Ubud-BaLI

What would be the key elements needed for you to have a life where you feel you fully exist? Where you feel heard, seen and accepted?

The battle between the dark and the light is ferocious at the moment in the world and so it is within at times.

Coming back from a trip to Bali, this photo was taken from a window shop of Ubud, I have really deeply understood that the dark is actually part of the light and that it is advantageous to use both as keys to transformation and healing. Read more

What would you need to know, hear or see in order to feel good about yourself, in order to love and accept yourself a little more, in order to give yourself what you need, in order to receive your presence?

Love is the key to healing, to creativity, to health, to life.

This is the theme of the breathing circle, December 9 2017. Come and join us.

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