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What could be more important really than making sure that everyday and in every way I surround myself with tenderness, inside and out?

If I am to be of service, tenderness is going to be my most powerful energetic contribution.

"Love is the way and now is the time" has been my motto for many years, inspired by the Indigo Children message collected by James Twyman.

Love, tenderness and gentleness have been my point of focus when assisting clients to find their truth over the last 20 years. I know I can do that well, I was told this may times.

I know this to be an essential conductor to support the nervous system to rewrite undesired patterns into self love and the creation of a joyful life.

I have decided that from now on, tenderness is going to be my way of being for myself, and this no matter the outcome of my endeavours. I am letting go of striving and desiring and applying the wisdom I receive on behalf of my clients to myself. I am letting go of the world of duality where the divide between right/wrong, good/bad, success/failure controls my wellbeing.

What took me so long? It's a journey and I needed growth, understanding and enough self love and courage to let myself off the hook, so to speak, the hook of striving, needing and desiring!

I am radically shifting my focus from "moving forward" to "feeling tenderness".

Today, I am attentive and focused on growing a new neurological network of nerve impulse fired by love, joy and truth.

My morning prayer is:

What would You have me do?

Where would You have me go?

What would You have me say, and to whom?

I love this resolve from the Course in Miracles (lesson 71)

As I set this intention every morning, I know that I am giving the steering wheel to my Higher Self so I that can be a passenger in my life.

I let myself be guided by the soft energy of Mother Earth and the influential energy of Father Sky. I am a child of the Earth. I hold the hands of Mother Earth and Father Sky and I let them guide me and take me where I need to be, in our own time.

I allow ease, curiosity and tenderness to clothe me.

My Ego/Mind self doesn't like that at all!

She likes me to be organised, purposeful and "right", no mistakes or time waisted permitted!

My Child/Heart is aspiring to play, laugh and create, just for the pleasure of it!

She rejoices with Truth. She wants to hold no grievances, she asks me to forgive, let go and be free.

Ego/mind is resisting with all its reasons.

She says that this is not responsible and that "I am needed". She is reaching straight for my Achilles heal! She knows that feeling needed will fire my Central Nervous System and that even before I can think, the Fight/Flight response will have me in a knee jerk kind of reaction activating my Robin Hood syndrome, taking from my needs to fulfil the needs of others.

Today, when I catch myself thinking this to be true, I hold myself tight and give myself lots of love.

I know that my only responsibility is to make sure that I am in my truth responding to Life with the most integrity and simplicity I am capable of at that time. It is in the being that I am most in service. When I am, I heal myself, my being-ness sends a spark of Light the world without me having to do anything.

The doing I will be engaging into that day becomes less important, it becomes details,

the big picture remains in the being.

It took time for my nervous system to come down and to trust and accept what is. I know and remind myself in times of doubt that what is happening in my life is what should be happening since this is what is happening! I welcome this simple and liberating equation from Eckhart Tolle .

So I make sure that I do not make anything wrong anymore. Not even what I would prefer it to be different. This is challenging when my ego/mind critics me for being passive and shouts at me that I need to do something and real fast!

I have learned to recognise this imperative and loud voice of urgency and reaction.

When I hear this authoritative, unsettling and confusing voice, I stop and I breathe consciously in my belly. I rebel into Being!

I anchor myself to Mother Earth, I feel safe and taken care of and loved.

I connect to Father Sky, I feel inspired, creative and resourceful.

I breathe, I relax and I smile.

All is well!

I let joy guide me and follow the path of that truth, even if it scares me or surprises me at times. I "Feel the fear and do it anyway" as the book title of Susan Jeffers reminds me to do.

"It's a new astrological year, a new cycle, a new trip around the zodiac", Tanaaz Chubb points out in her Forever Conscious weekly forecast.

I can start a new page in my book of life. No two years are the same and I love that.

I accept that my creative life might take a turn I didn't foresee or plan.

Yes, as crazy as it sounds, I have grown to swiftly forgive downturns, upturns or whatever turn life wants to take me on. I know the Universe has my back.

I know I am deliciously sandwiched between Heaven and Earth and that my only function as a human being is to love whatever arises.

I have an acolyte, breathe is my sidekick, my saviour!

It is when I breathe that I can meet with my internal teacher and find my answers. I also find rest, peace and pleasure when I breathe consciously from my navel to my upper chest in a conscious connected way.

I fully receive the silence of Nature, the warmth of Love and the clarity of Light.

My breathing marries the rhythm of the waves in the ocean, moving, transforming and cleansing myself and my cells.

I connect with tenderness. I feel full and soft, warm and reassured.

My ego/mind and my child/heart start playing together, aligning with Truth, Compassion, Purpose and Joy.

I am fulfilled, curious and feeling adventurous. I have connected with the tender warrior within and I feel supported to go for my dreams.

Tenderness is my healing!

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