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Have you ever wondered what is your truth?

Wondered, what are the things in my life that I am doing out of habits, by fear or just simply because I believe that this is the way to attain my dreams?

Are my dreams real? Are they really in alignement with my deepest and highest desires?

Could they be tainted, by my upbringing and my faithfulness to my parent's values or by the society we live in, by the have to's and the appearances we need to maintain in order to seem "normal" Haha! If there is people out there still trying to appear normal! I think actually we all are to a certain extend because our personal life is private and it feels better when we belong.

Our 2 minds, not always seeing in the same direction

How can I be sure that my goals are fulfilling my dreams?

In my blog, April come she will, I talk about the 2 minds: the conscious and the subconscious minds.

When we think that we are driving our lives with our conscious will, we are mistaken, as only our imagination takes us to fulfil our hearts desires.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and in the words of Ted J. Kaptchuk in his book "The web that has no weaver" Yang Will is the simplest and most superficial level of the Will, it has to do with resolution and intention of a person. What I attribute to our conscious mind.

He explains that "Yin Will, is mostly direction, a wilfulness that moves to an end that cannot be known until it is already reached"..." One may feel, looking back on his life that "it was always there, it was always meant to be"

He further says that the Will is responsible for the virtue of Wisdom (zhi). "Wisdom is not certainty or knowledge"..."Wisdom is a knowing that has to do with learning to have a relationship with what is unknown and unknowable"

This is when fear kicks in for most of us.

I sometimes wonder especially when I am in the midst of the unknown, is fear a sign of resistance?

Or is it an indication that this could be my road less traveled, taking me out of my comfort zone? Would I be separating from what I know and I believed in so far? From the way people around me do it? From my understanding of how life has to be lived?

I reassure myself when the questions become too confronting or incessant that what I need is to breathe, to allow movement back into what has become rigid with fear. So I lie down and breathe. What a relief to know that the answers are within and that I can now see, hear or know them, depending on the way your learn and connect to your unconscious mind, by silencing the noise of my conscious and often anxious mind.

So if you are like me asking yourself about what really your truth is, what really fulfils you and what are the behaviours or actions that are not in the flow of your love, then come to this month Breathing Circle and breathe with us this Saturday April 28 (2-5pm) at Harmonie As Within So Without- Kinesiology and Breathwork

Be open to the answer as we know the body doesn't lie, it doesn't know how to! :)

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