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Let love do the choosing on your behalf

I love listening to Matt Kahn talking about the love revolution. I know that love is the most powerful energy we are given to heal ourselves and the world.

It is beyond and above all other energies like fear, doubt and the likes.

Love is what we always wanted to feel, give and receive.

Being a witness to what is happening in the world, one tend to realise that with each catastrophe may they be natural or man made, with the shock and the horror of the devastation there is also a power of love and unity which emerges and which is so strong that is helps people survive what is going on for them. On a planetary level, it helps everyone understand what really is of importance and it's not the material world which pushes us outside of our rhythm and limits!

Relationships are so important!

The new moon on October 20, in Libra, will create a new portal for us to work on our relationships, may they be with ourselves or with others.

It will highlight any duality or conflicts we may have and It offers us the opportunity to change our perceptions and heal old patterns.

The key to is to keep an open heart.

This is the theme for this week's breathing circle.

Saturday October 28, 2017 2pm -5pm

Harmonie Kinesiology and Breathwork

102 Crown Street, Woolloomooloo, Sydney, 2011

Cost: $50. Wear comfortable clothes.

Booking necessary, contact Ghislaine on 0413 267 268 or

Painting: Marc Chagall Le paysage bleu-1949

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