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The joy of being you

In these times of celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, the solstice, the new moon, the end of a calendar year and calendar decade, remember that the purpose of it all is that you enjoy the relationship you have with you. The stars and celebrations are aligning for you to do so!

Nurturing the relationship you have with yourself is the healing we are all after.

Pain comes from how we treat ourselves, our inner voice, the beliefs about who we are, what we can and can't do, what we feel we are capable of or not.

It has become clear to me lately that the desire we have of speaking our truth is not about what we say to others, it's not about words it's actually about our behaviour and the actions we take which backs us up. It's about how supportive and accepting we are of our needs and our personality.

Are we now ready to stop betraying ourselves in order to fit in or in order to protect ourselves from feeling shame or guilt? This has nothing to do with others, this is just what we do to ourselves because we don't feel legitimate, we don't feel we have the right to do things our own way. Those are the deep beliefs dwelling in the subconscious mind with the education and the history of our families mingled with the culture we were raised with.

Is it time we stop wishing for things or outer accomplishments and for us to focus on the qualities, the feelings we would like to feel everyday regardless of what we do?

We received at birth the gift of life.

Life is not about what we do but who we are.

Life can be messy and when you have a strong and healthy relationship with yourself then you can take anything the universe sends your way as a gift of love.

Allowing it because you know that that this is the guidance you have been asking for.

Know that you are loved and love yourself in return.

Now is the time!

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