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Big Love

Love is healing medicine!

I know, I have experienced it! I know that Love, big love, is the most miraculous healing energy there is.

Love is often misunderstood with a kind of sacrificial, people pleasing energy. This is not love, this is just a survival mechanism which aims at making sure that the people around you are ok so that you in turn can relax and be.

The psychiatrist and researcher, David R Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. defines Love as a state of consciousness which is unconditional, unchanging and permanent. His research on human consciousness has led him to calibrate emotions. Love, he says in his book power versus force is a “state of being”. It “emanates for the heart” and has “purity of motive”.

This kind of love is what I call Big Love.

The energy of Love, big Love, is a strong, clear and grounding energy.

Big Love is all around us. Our creative Universe is made of big Love.

The problem that most of us face is that we have disconnected from big Love.

We can’t feel it! We have lost touch! We don't know how.

For some, the Universe is not perceived as a friendly entity that is there for us and that wants for us exactly what we want for ourselves!

We have become suspicious of the All that is!

We have been trained to think that we are on our own, fighting and fending for ourselves in the big wild world!

We have disconnected slowly from Big Love, using science and man-made matter to replace Universal Love and fill in the void.

Fear is the filler that binds us to the void!

The void is what the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung calls the collective unconscious, our shared experiences. They are filled with our ancestors’ fears topped up by on own’s.

In forgetting that the energy around us is benevolent we have activated our nervous system to be always ready to fight. Fight what? We are not so sure what, but we know instinctively that something is not quite right, that we and our friends are getting more tired, more wired, and less able to feel good naturally. We feel loose, un-held, unprotected and ill at ease.

Disease, big or small, slowly settles in our cells. Coming from the cogitation that lives in our mind all the way to our core, dismantling in the process our physiology and our psychology.

This goes on slowly but surely, until something happens, an accident, a loss, bad news, an illness. The world as you knew it comes to an end and you are faced with having to build new beginnings with brand new values.

This is the start of learning to live the life you always wanted.

I know it might shock some of you, that any of those disastrous events could be the beginning of a better life, and there again it is. Many have talked about or written about how their cancer changed their lives, about how losing everything they had was the beginning of an abundance thy didn’t know was possible! Read their stories, it’s so inspiring!

Since 2020, our Earthy community has entered such times. Globally, we have all lost something, someone, a way of life, health, trust and being with one another.

We are in crisis! Collectively!

And as with all personal crisis, something better is around the corner. A crisis is often a sign of an end. Chaos, is often the best, sadly extremely painful, terrain for the new to come in.

In times of suffering, the best thing to do is to slow down or stop momentously. Funny enough, we all had to do this! It is to go within and identify what it is we don’t want anymore. Not to wallow in it in self-pity or total despair, even though those stages might be very valid part of it, but to identify what needs to leave your life, to be transformed, or to be upgraded.

We have total power over our lives, over our bodies and over our choices.

It is now time to realise that the universe is there to encourage us, to show us the way and to provide for us.

It is now time to connect to our sovereignty.

This is the purpose of any crisis and of the healing journeys which enfold from them!

The path to healing is to open ourselves to love, to Big Love of course.

It can be intimidating to know, that nothing or no-one is preventing you to live the life you want but your fears! It can make you dizzy to realise that the only person stopping you to go on with the life you desire is yourself!

What to do? Where to go? How to behave? You are always the one who sets the trend.

How can you open yourself to receive Big Love?

Gentleness, patience and trust are the 3 keys to radical change.

Get to know yourself. Let go of judgements, pressure, and of a competitive mind. There is no rush, there is no danger, there are no enemies.

Do not doubt who you are.

You are beautiful human beings with a deep desire to do good around you.

Breathe mindfully, connect with your essence.

Feel it in your heart, make peace with yourself.

You are in charge. Breathe into your desires. Yes, you have the right to creatively express your differences.

Connect to them, respect them, share them with others. We are waiting to see you, to hear you, to feel you.

Change your mind about yourself and the world will change its mind about you!

Create miracles every day by replacing the fear of being with the joy of loving!

Breathe deeply, breathe fully, breathe freely! Let Big Love in, it is part of you!

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