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April come she will

© 1965 Words and Music by Paul Simon

April, come she will When streams are ripe and swelled with rain May, she will stay Resting in my arms again

June, she’ll change her tune In restless walks, she’ll prowl the night July, she will fly And give no warning of her flight

August, die she must The autumn winds blow chilly and cold September, I’ll remember A love once new has now grown old

A beautiful poem written by Paul Simon and sang with the delicious voice of Art Garfunkel.

I love this song and I am intrigued by the words.

April, both in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres is a rainy month. Water is the symbol of purification. Water cleanses, refreshes and cleans the slate for the new to come.

April is the month of death and rebirth, the number 4.

April started with a Big Bang with the full, blue moon giving us the opportunity to let go, reassess and create.

Do you know what you want?

Do you know what you need to let go of?

Is the balance between play and work fair?

Are you conscious of your thoughts, of what you tell yourself, of what your beliefs are?

While in Paris, during a taxi ride, I was reminded by the radio talk show of Emile Coué, a French pharmacist (1857-1926), the father of positive thinking.

His most famous affirmation: "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better" ("Tous les jours et à tout point de vue, je vais de mieux en mieux." in French) to be repeated 20 times per day has facilitated healing for many.

He explains that there is 2 distinct individuals within us, both are intelligent, one is conscious and one is unconscious.

He also explains that the imaginary will always be stronger than willpower. You can will anything but if you can't imagine it happening, it will not happen.

One major blocage to healing, feeling good about self or attaining goals is we cannot imagine ourselves with the new possibility.

For the story, Coué became a most famous healer in America, facilitating people rising from their wheelchair, and was treated with the same respect as Charles de Gaulle had been when visiting America, so said the radio host.

The power of our thoughts

Untapped emotions or thoughts in our subconscious may cause us to act or believe in certain things that may not be serving us. We can reverse this process and make our subconscious, which is quite gullible, believe that what we need to be happening in our lives is actually happening.

Gregg Braden, in his book Secrets of the lost mode of prayer, talks about the 5th or lost mode of prayer, where we feel and activate with our full body the joy, satisfaction and certainty that our prayer has been answered. It is a fact, it is happening and we can breathe and relax. Yay!

The power of love

I know that the freedom I am looking for will not come from my outside world and circumstances but from my ability to love myself.

A friend of mine, a French researcher on chronic and environmental diseases, sent me the link to a documentary made by Jean-Yves Bilien of the Dr Leonard Lascow, Healing with love ( La guerison par l'amour). Here is a link to the preview, it's in English.

He talks about his research and how he realised that total acceptance of what is, even what we would wish didn't exist, and sending it unconditional love is how we can align with the natural order and harmony of the universe, to truth.

The power of science

It is incredible to witness the direction that science is taking and how it is now aligning with spiritual teachings.

Dr Bruce Lipton, a stem cell biologist, discovered the science of Epigenetics. His studies showed that the outer layer of the cell is essentially an organic computer chip, and worked like the brain of the cell. found that the environment, which would operate through the membrane, controlled the behaviour and the physiology of the cell. It would turn genes on and off, and it would help create the modern science of epigenetics.

Dr Lipton says that less than 1% of diseases is connected to the genes. Disease, he says, comes from our environment, lifestyle and consciousness.

How revolutionary is that when most people would think that they are the victims of their genes. We are actually the creators!

And as Dr Coué, mentioned, he talks about our 2 minds, the conscious, newer mind, our personal identity and the sub conscious mind, being our original mind, habitual mind, instinctive mind.

The sub conscious is programmed during the first 7 years of our life and is the one that directs our lives, sadly sometimes not in the direction we would like our lives to take and this is because of the belief systems that took place very early on as a result of the our birth script, early childhood events, our education (parents, school, church and culture). Most of the time, we are unaware of those thoughts unless we can go within and listen to the voice or the language we are using to communicate with ourselves.

The body talks, what it is telling us? Do we need to rest, play more, relax? Is it contracted, is it in pain?

The response from our outside world is also a great way to have an insight on what is happening in our sub conscious. Are we having enjoyable relationships with others? Any relationship is meaningful, the waiter-ess at the cafe, the person at the cash register in the shop, did my day feel like a battle or was it easy and enjoyable?

Kinesiology and breathwork

The breath, regulates the nervous system, the vagus nerve and most organs of the body.

It calms the mind and allow us to connect to our original nature.

Breathing circle

Our next 3 breathing circles are on April 28, May 26 and June 30 from 2-5pm.

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