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Healing the Earth and us!

The aborigines relationship with the land is very unique. They know how to communicate with it!

They have such respect for it, they would never go or settle anywhere they are not welcomed or invited. They know to ask the land before.

I remember going on a “women’s business” trip where we were meant to camp on sacred land with indigenous women in order to be initiated to the sacred dance ceremonies. (Women sacred ceremonies)

They were a few of us coming from all over the world and to our dismay the land had said no, we couldn’t camp where it had been advertised we would!

We camped next to it and it was amazing, but not once did the organisers tried to force the issue. The land had said no and it was respected.

A very different way to think than what I had been used to and quite frankly I would love to hear the land and communicate with it as the indigenous people do.

Frank Ansell is a traditional indigenous healer (nungkari) and lawman from the Eastern Arrernte desert country in Central Australia. He is coming to the conference with the intent to invite us to meet with the power of the land and connect to our own infinite potential.

Now, more than ever, this is so important for our healing and integration with the evolution of consciousness and planet earth, to take responsibility for our own, our country's and the earth's healing.

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