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Listening to the Earth

The earth has so much to tell us, to teach us. If only we could hear, understand and communicate with her.

The Breathe Australia Conference is an attempt to understand and to connect with it.

We are very privileged that Leonard Orr will be opening the conference on the Thursday night. His energy can only open us to the idea of connecting with the land and using the elements for personal purification. (For those of you that haven’t met him, this is really an experience! The simplicity of his teaching makes it so powerful!)

The aborigines have also always known that. Their relationship with the land is very unique. They have such respect for it, they would never go or settle anywhere they are not welcomed or invited. I remember going on a “women’s business” trip where we were meant to camp on sacred land with indigenous women in order to be initiated to the sacred dance ceremonies. They were a few of us coming from all over the world and to our dismay the land had said no, we couldn’t camp where it had been advertised we would! We camped next to it and it was amazing, but not once did the organisers tried to force the issue. The land had said no and it was respected. A very different way to think than what I had been used to and quite frankly I would love to hear the land and communicate with it as the indigenous people do.

Frank Ansell is a traditional indigenous healer (nungkari) and lawman from the Eastern Arrernte desert country in Central Australia. He is coming to the conference with the intent to invite us to meet with the power of the land and connect to our own infinite potential. Now, more than ever, this is so important for our healing and integration with the evolution of consciousness and planet earth, to take responsibility for our own, our country's and the earth's healing.

So between Leonard and Frank, I hope that we will be able to explore within our connection with the land.

The earth is part of our healing. We stand on it and its energy feeds us.

Talking about food, we will have also beautiful teachings from Leesa,, on food as medicine. How to really nourish ourselves with food from the Earth.

During the conference, all seminars and talks will be followed by a breathe. It will be a time of education and a time of community building. Meeting each other, talking, being silent if necessary. I am hoping that the venue and its magnificent gardens will provide a sanctuary of peace from our busy lives. I so look forward to meeting you or seeing you there! The conference is being held from November 6-9, 2014 in Bowral NSW. Transport is being organized from the airport. Please contact Veronica ( The theme Between Heaven and Earth will allow us to explore our connection from the land and to the heavens. We are standing between 2 poles, linking Earth to Heaven through our bodies, and it is from those 2 poles that we can get nourishment, guidance and reassurance. The Breathe Australia Conference is a great way to explore the role of the breath and how it is with the breath that we can connect ourselves. The full, conscious, connected breathing is the key to grounding and to accessing our higher self

Ghislaine Bouskila (Conference Convenor)

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