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Between Heaven and Earth - Breathe Australia Conference 2014

I am so happy and excited about the Breathe Australia Conference of 2014 as I am the lucky one who has the opportunity to gather wonderful speakers for our annual get together. The theme of the conference is Between Heaven and Earth where we will be exploring the relationship of mankind with the Earth and the Heavens.

I have always been fascinated by the role of the human beings on the Earth and always felt intuitively that we were the link between the Heavens and the Earth, like antennas. When one starts exploring it is fascinating how many cultures and healing principles are based on this.

For Breathe Australia Conference 2014, I thought it would be great for us to explore our relationship with both as they are both equally part of our health and our ability to live creatively. To explore our relationship with the Earth, who better that a traditional indigenous healer that can impart to us the connection between man and the land.

Frank Ansell will offer the wisdom teachings from aboriginal dreamtime and culture to support us, to open to altjerre or spirit. This is the spirit of the land.

To deepen our relationship with the heavens, Elaine Croker, an amazing medical intuitive, will explain our relationship between the heavens and the cells of our body and how we can talk to our cells for deep healing.

This allows you, very simply to return to your pure essence of Love, Joy, Grace, Peace and Wisdom. The cells hold the wisdom of our Human Spirit.

To understand how mankind can heal themselves, we have the breath.

It is the best way to clear and cleanse ourselves from unwanted beliefs, past trauma and “broken” bodies.

To deepen, extend and share our knowledge we have our community, which represents the different schools of breathwork, and we will have Leonard Orr, the father of all movement and trends, coming from the US.

We are welcoming and encouraging anyone who wishes to speak and present at the conference about their Breathwork, their experiences. We are also encouraging anyone that hasn’t had the chance to meet Leonard to come and enjoy his energy, his stories and his knowledge.

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