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The good of grief

Do you know why grief is good?

Because grief is the beginning. Grief is the door, the pathway, the Tao to truth.

Grief is the yin to the yang of Joy. They complete each other beautifully.

One will not feel joy unless he can feel grief.

Grief tells us that we have lost something, sometimes we don't know what it is, sometimes we know it too well.

In either cases life as we knew it will not be anymore.

Something has changed, shifted without our consent.

Something, someone we wanted to remain in our life is not.

And the only unbearable thing we can do is accept, accept the unacceptable.

Accept that a part of our identity has gone, that life as we knew isn't and will not be.

This is the power of grief, it strips us of our identity.

Our heart slows down, life slows us down. This is the only way to adapt, this is how nature does it.

The Tao, the way to Truth will organise the events, the circumstances necessary for us to stop, slow down and reassess our purpose.

This is why when grief hits us, we need to slow down.

We have to slow down to catch up to our new reality, to reconnect, to change gears, change direction.

This is the good of grief, it will change us for the better.

As the spiritual teacher , Eckhart Tolle says: "Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because it is the experience you are having at this moment."

The good of Grief forces us to be in the present because we can't work out the future and the past as we knew it is gone.

As another spiritual healer, Lee Harris puts it" it slams you back in your Soul".

Grief is an emotion that when acknowledged will open for you the path of Truth, of Connection and of Joy.

Grief is the process of letting go through Conscious Breathing of what isn't and to welcome a present that we did not anticipate.

Breathing in times of grief will connect you to the universe.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Grief is an emotion of the gut. The energy of the large intestine metaphysically connects us to the ground, to the earth, to Gaia.

The energy of Large Intestine works in pair with the energy of Lung, and breath is how we can receive the energy of Heaven.

Conscious Breathing will support us in letting go of the frequencies we are not taking with us in the future. Breath connects us to Truth, to Purpose.

Grief will come good when we allow Nature to heal us.

When we allow Heaven and Earth to meet in us, repairing and nourishing us.

Sit, connect your feet to Gaia; breathe, receive the energy of Heaven.

Allow Heaven to meet with Earth through you.

This will give you the gift of the Grace of Peace.

This will repair your nervous system and in turn you will repair the energy system our universe.

2020 is a year of transformation. Change is happening for everyone. Grief in the form of Covid-19 has made us slow down and reassess our lives. What was isn't anymore. Our society has evolved. New standards have emerged, we as one claim the right for all of us to breathe freely.

So let's sit, breathe and receive the good of grief for the rise of our consciousness.

Thank you Janet Jones for inviting me to talk on your Good Grief Conversation podcast

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