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In the name of truth

What would you do if anything was possible? Who would you be if you were not afraid of your truth. What if you knew what that is or what that means for you? Often we are not really sure.

Who we are has been conditioned by our ancestor's unresolved trauma, the controlling education we have received and the lies we have been surrounded by in the name of religion. We unknowingly carry the belief systems of generations before us, we carry the ruthless agenda of dominating cultures around us, and our identity got lost in the way over many generations.

We are not sure of who we are and what we really want. It is easy to confuse our desires with those the society around us wants or needs from us. Most of us keep on going, keep on exploring in search of truth, of understanding of the purpose of our life.

Last year something tremendous changed within and without for our outmost benefit.

Gaia participated actively even more than before into the healing of human consciousness. She said no more!

2020 has put an end to escapism. It has changed our relationship with time and with truth. We landed hard on our feet in the reality of what is and we had plenty of time to see, hear or feel the discomfort or the relief or both.

We grounded in reality. Everything that was "wrong" with our life was highlighted and for the most painful part, we had to stay with it. Nowhere to go! We had to rest in it.

Most of us kind of knew before then, what was not really happening for us. We thought we could take our time sorting it out! We would use work, travel, and being busy doing in order to push down what wanted to surface.

There was no distractions on offer, no way out! As a result our vision got sharpened, we could see with no filters. The only journey possible was to travel in, feeling, squirming and accepting! Growing!

We made incredible progress in 2020, we have shed so much.

I feel I am only half way through. What was isn't anymore, leaving space for more of the new. This is making me feel a little disoriented, curious and wishing to trust more than ever. It's an interesting feeling ride and I have to hold tight with the power of my heart, the peace of my meditations and the joy of original nature!

It definitely feels that through the lockdowns, incredible freedom has risen.

Could it be due to my age as well? Could it be due to my children being independant young adults? Could it be due to what is written in the stars for me?

Or is it simply that I am entering that age when it's time to transmit to younger generations what you had received, understood and put together from your experience with life?

Since January, I feel in my lower belly a fire that needs to burn. A fire for life, a fire for truth, a fire for creativity which needs to be expressed, shared and celebrated.

I am more aware now of the distractions, the things that are not really important anymore, that could temper my fire.

It takes dedication to see the distractions. They appear as being part of life. They appear normal and even sometimes, and those are the worst, as being the "right" thing to do. Beware! Luckily, we are so perfect that we are born with an internal GPS, a build-in inner teacher: our body. It will always bring us back to our higher self, our higher purpose.

It will alert us to the confusion of the mind and it does it through the emotions and sensations of discomfort it will send your way if you are getting lost. Lost in thoughts, lost in vengeance, lost in fear. Yay to the precious efficacy of emotions to attract our attention. You need to pay attention, emotions are sent to you by your divine self alerting you that you have gone out of alignment with your truth.

Do not push them away! Even if they are not pleasant to feel! They are your only way to get back to sanity. Respect them, feel them and please do not think them, as you will only create victim consciousness.

Feel them with your heart, cry them, shout them, draw them , walk them, bathe them!

They are you, love them so you can free yourself from the misconception that you are not perfect. Learn to come back from despair, all the way to your heart where it feels restorative to rest, where you can discover who you are with no pressure of time, achievement and competition.

Breathing in your belly for grounding

Breathing in your heart for discovering

Breathing in your throat for honesty

Your truth is not something set in stone, there is more than one truth and your truth is evolving with you.

What was true yesterday might not be true today because you are constantly changing. Your truth needs to adjust to that. If you live with automatisms, habits and with outdated belief systems, you might start doubting your truth. You might start drowning your truth with addictions. You might even start attacking yourself with your thoughts, fighting your truth.

So what would you do with 2021, a number 5 year in numerology, said to be of personal freedom? What would your personal freedom look like?

What if you freed yourself of being loyal to expectations, real or perceived, you feel placed upon you?

What would you do in the name of liberty, in the name of hope and in the name of truth?

It's not and easy or quick question to answer. It might even take you the entire year to figure it out and that's good. That would be a year well lived!

I intend for 2021 to surround my experiences with curiosity, honesty, trust and tenderness. This is how I will dance with Life.

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