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Healing is here

Healing can be so rough sometimes, so inconsiderate of one's feeling or ability to take in the new, to let go the old

Updating the thinking, changing the posture, actualising the outcome desired

Courage, humility, acceptance

Truth, adventure, growth

Am I done with trying?

Am I ready to be authentic?

Do I know what I really want?

What is the voice saying?

Who's voice is it anyway?

Dear Lord, give me enough self confidence to do it my way, to not conform with what I believe society wants from me

Give me enough life force to fight for who I am

I am awake at night because there are decisions I need to make

Decisions which are centuries old,

Karmic, ancestral healings

My feelings are real

I validate them

authenticity, patience, love

self doubt is crippling

moving from the ego to the heart

true fulfilment awaits


Expressing beauty


Breathing deeply

Slowing down time, I take care of my inner child

she is lost, confused, is used to please others

What if the only one she had to please is her?

What if the only one she had to take care of is her?

What if this life is for her only and that by expressing it she will touch others?

What if healing is here?

What if now is the time and love is the way?

Slowing down her breath, one step at a time, she goes forward her fragile heart open

She knows the time is now, she has prepared for it many years

Healing is here, healing is now, healing is being

She just needs to be, just like nature is

She connects with