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Breathing Trust

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

My feet are on the floor, I sit straight, I breathe.

I connect my inhale with my exhale, there is no pause, the flow of air through my body is uninterrupted very much unlike my life and the life of so many others at the moment.

My feet are connected to the Earth.

Oh what a delight to know and feel that the Earth is there, beneath my feet, carrying me, nurturing me and loving me.

She is patient, she is generous and she asks me : what do you need ?

Tell me, tell me so I can give it to you.

I look within. I am not sure what it is that I need.

I feel chaos, I feel disorganisation, I feel out of balance. I am falling.

I connect.

She is there.

Her energy is going through my feet, my ankles, my lower legs, my knees, nourishing, relaxing, making them feel alive, important.

The energy goes through my thighs, my buttocks, I squeeze my perineum muscle to activate the connection, squeezing it a little more, yes I am alive.

I store Her energy in my belly.

It feels warm and nurturing, transformative.

The Earth energy rests there, at the bottom of my spine and in my lower belly, it fulfils my body.

This is what I needed, It was beyond words.

I breathe in, I am connected;

I breathe out, I am relieved,

I am supported by the wonderful energy of the Earth.

It feels good to be alive and taken care of.

I sit. I breathe. I connect.

I need make no effort.

Her energy is there ready to connect . She is open to give.

There is plenty and there is enough for everyone!

How did I ever imagined that I had to carry myself?

That I had to do life on my own, contracting, controlling, depriving and disconnecting in order to survive?

I slow my breath down.

I know She loves it when I do that because when I do, I connect with Her rhythm, not the imposed rhythm that us human have fallen into.

I can feel my nervous system responding straight away.

It unwinds and so are all the unresolved emotions and the unprocessed thoughts which were creating chaos, fear and confusion in my mind and in my body.

The idea that I had to make decisions, create action and override my natural state of being in order to be part of society is no longer true in that beautiful and sacred place.

The Earth is here for me. I feel it, I know, I experience it!

And now that my nervous system has relaxed, I can access what it is that I need.

I can formulate it, the word comes and finds me.


Trust is what I need. Of course it is.

In these times of uncertainty, allowing the energy of Trust to comfort me, is how I can ascertain that I, all those around me and the Earth will be ok.

That I don't need to do more, be more, I can be.

I connect to the Earth and exchange love with her.

I breathe in trust.

I breathe out relief.

I connect with how that feels.

It feels like I am a child of the Earth and that the Earth is taking care of me. It knows me.

My life is sustained.

I can just let go.

I drop into being.

I am.

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