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Breathing, Grounding, Healing

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Breath is the most organic way we have to regulate our nervous system.

Our way of breathing doesn’t need to be pushed or interfered with.

It just needs to connect.

Connecting the inhale (breathing in) with the exhale (breathing out) and the exhale with the inhale, there is no pause.

In this breathwork session, I am focusing on grounding. On connecting with the earth beneath my feet.

Grounding is very beneficial to our health. Research is now proving that going into nature grounds us and revitalises our energy system*

When there is chaos, uncertainty and when we feel that we lost our life as we knew it. These feelings happen often in times of shock, illness, loss of a loved one or loss of economic or financial means.

When I feel that my nervous system has gone over activated.

When I feel urgency, panic, confusion, grief, anger, blame or total exhaustion, I sit in my comfortable chair with my feet resting solidly on the floor.

Sometimes those feelings creep on me so slowly that by the time I realise I have been out of balance; I am way out of balance!

So, I have now included into my daily routine a brief Breathing for Grounding breathwork practice.

For all those who like me have a sensitive nervous system, for the empaths, the healers, the carers and the dreamers, I tell you:

"Breathing for grounding balances my brain."

The Left and Right brain hemispheres connect: the detail and the big picture come together, the logic/linear and the intuitive/spatial sides of my brain agree to support each other.

I think clearly!

The limbic system and the cortex coming together as a team to regulate my emotions and the scream- panic- feeling of drowning- sadness- despair- helplessness feeling is replaced by the softness and the warmth I can now feel in my body, in my heart.

I feel present, calm and curious about new possibilities. I feel alive!

The reptilian brain and the neo-cortex talk and the reactivity, the knee jerk reaction, the feeling like a chook with no head, the overwhelm is now leaving space for comprehension and a deep sense of knowing about what to do next with ease, about how to participate creatively in my projects, in my life.

I create new behaviours. I sense my "I am".

And this is simply coming from the energy of the Earth.

All I need to do is put my feet on the ground and breathe my conscious connected breath.

The energy of the earth runs through my feet, to my legs to my lower belly.

It rests there for a while; it feeds me power.

Nothing to do. Nowhere to be.

This time is for me. This is so enjoyable and relaxing and nurturing.

The energy overflows now and I can feel it in my heart, filling it up with love, ease and joy.

The earth’s energy is now reaching my 3rd eye, my pineal gland is bathed with light, illuminating every part of my life.

I am now in balance. In full connection with the earth, with myself and with all that is.

I am relaxing, happy, at ease. I feel loving and generous.

I feel it’s good to be here.

It’s good to be.

I am.

*Sinatra, S., Oschamn, J., Chevalier, G., Sinatra, D. Electric Nutrition: ​

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