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The Heaven and Earth acupressure point in our bodies

In TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) there is a point in the acupressure system called heaven and earth.

It corresponds to the energy of the liver, which is where the energy of the earth that enters through the sole of our feet and the energy of the heaven, which enters through the top of our head, meet.

It is also the energy of the kidney and the energy of the heart.

In TCM, kidney meridian corresponds to the fear/courage type of emotions and the heart meridian encapsulates the love type of emotions.

So this heaven and earth point in our body is really the point of balance for us.

Both Fear/courage and Love are important feelings and the “dual” between them is constant in our body/mind system.

It also represents the balance within us between the Yin feminine energy (the earth) and the Yang masculine energy (the heavens).

This is when intuition and thoughts synchronise.

I also love the fact that in French liver and faith is the same word! Doesn’t this say lot?

At the Breathe Australia Conference 2014, we will explore our relationship with the Erath and the heavens as they are both equally part of our health and our ability to live creatively.

It is in our bodies that these energies meet!

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