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“Movement is the door to learning! To live is to move. Life is ever changing, ever shifting and ever demanding. BrainGym® teaches us how to move with our challenges, our dreams and our goals”

~ Paul Dennison Ph.D  ~

BrainGym® is the work of Paul Dennison Ph.D., an innovator in applied research and an educational therapist.It is part of a comprehensive personal development program called Educational Kinesiology. It is a brilliant synthesis of various discovery from the education, health and personnel growth fields.
The purpose of the training:
  • To recognise the physical, emotional and mental signs that are tuning us out and getting us stressed
  • To identify an intent, a goal: a balance between the ways things are and some possibility for how they might be
  • To bring your brain/body system into a place of safety where learning new skills and decision making is easy
  • To use the brain neuroplasticity to improve health, perceptions and behaviours.
You will learn the following kinesiology skills:
  • Noticing skills and Muscle Monitoring
  • Intention setting, using positive, active and clear language
  • 5 steps kinesiology balance process to balance self and others
  • Activate brain circuitry through movement and intention
Upcoming Workshop

Dates for 2020 TBA

Cost: $850 | Time: 10am - 5pm

Early Bird: $790 until October 20

Repeat: $600

Where: Paddington, NSW, 2021

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COST: $790
includes manual and one year association membership
This course is an ideal tool to promote healing, play and creativity. You will know how to balance your brain/body system to create a life of ease and intention. A must for therapist as a tool to self clear and self balance. An indispensable technique when working with children. The first step into the Educational kinesiology modality.
This course is accredited with the Australian Kinesiology Association and BrainGym® Australia as a 32 hours category A course. The early bird cost is $790 until October 20 which includes the training manual and one year free membership with BrainGym® Australia. Morning and afternoon tea are provided and wear comfortable clothes.
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