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What a relief it was to understand after a mere 30 years of searching "what was wrong with me" that I was suffering from the bacterial infection called Lyme disease and its co infections. 

Lyme disease was coined from the name of a town, Old Lyme in Connecticut (USA). It is where Lyme was first officially diagnosed.
It is transmitted through the bite of a tick which carries the bacteria Borrelia Burgdoferi from the name of the biologist who first recognised the bacterium. This bacteria in the form of a spirochete has now been identify in many parts of the globe and different species have been listed.


Girl Behind a Sheet
Boreliosis  is quite frequent and as it is hard too diagnose, the testings for it are not adapted, it is often mistaken for other pathologies: chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, multiple sclerosis  and many more unexplained illnesses. The more reliable tests come from labs equiped with Bioenergetic blood analysis.
It is now the name used to regroup a host of infections.
A person suffering from Lyme disease will have also other bacterial or fungal infections, worms and parasites, viruses, heavy metal toxicity making it difficult for the detoxification process to take place. These are called co-infections. they are survival oriented and are difficult to eliminate.
There are also co-conditions that create additional road blocks to getting well: adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance, chronic inflammation and the genetic mutations: MTHFR or Pyroluria.
Most of us live a life when stress as becomes chronic and this sets the perfect terrain for an over and/or under reacting immune system.

The symptoms of the Lyme will therefore be expressed differently in each individual and the process to recovery will be specific to that person.

It is my firm belief that an illness is an opportunity for growth and for freeing self from what is no longer serving us, our belief systems need to be looked at. Our unfulfilled dreams need to be taken care off.




Physical / physiological healing: What really worked for me.
My approach was to only use orthomolecular (nutrition, vitamins and minerals), herbal and homeopathic medicine. 
I will not go on listing here the different supplements  I took to strengthen my immune system. It is an ever evolving quest, as it is not one pathology that one is working with but several. We are mind/body/spirit and we need to address our imbalances and their root cause may they be physical, emotional or spiritual, and that, all at the same time!
Mental/ emotional healing : Healing my Ly(to)me disease.
All disease are an opportunity to heal what is at the root cause of the dysfunction of the cells.
I consider Lyme disease as an environmental disease. Our agriculture and the food we eat but also our lifestyle. Schooling and having to compete with our peers at a young age, lack of play, having to be compliant to some imaginary rules of society, fear of not being enough and so many other behaviour that separates us from others,  weaken our immune system. The way modern medicine uses vaccination, anti biotic and  immune suppressant drugs to rid us of the symptoms but never really of the root cause of the illness.
We end up feeling disempowered and weak, living a complicated life that sometimes doesn't fulfil us totally.
For me the main culprit weakening my immune system was guilt.
Guilt would make me feel small, lesser than and not deserving.
I would therefore put other’s desires before mine, sadly not out of love, even though in knew cognitively that this was the wrong order. 
Spiritual healing: getting grounded.
In french, maladie de Lyme sounds like maladie de l’ âme (Soul).
Having an illness definitely stops us in our track. We can’t really keep on going as if nothing was happening. I know modern medicine loves it when we don’t ask ourselves or them , too many questions and just follow the prescription.
I love reading on indigenous healing and isn’t that amazing to know that in a village when one is sick, the whole village is concerned and the whole village works on their part or responsibility towards that persons healing. The Ho'oponopono principle.
In our western, often disconnected society, there is sometimes a sense of shame towards being sick, and one will wonder what they are doing wrong in order to be sick!
When the body gets sick, its because the soul and the mental/emotional realm is out of balance. This often is the result of trauma in utero, childhood or even from life pasts, making the foundation of this life not very solid.
Grounding ourselves, changing our pace and simplifying our days. Leaning to put self first. This is the right order, and from that giving to others out of ease, pleasure, joy and love. This is so much more powerful. This, for me, is the beginning of peace among humans.
In this spiritual healing one has to start taking him/herself seriously. Am i happy with the direction my life has taken? Am I being creative enough? Are my dreams being fulfilled? Am I awake enough to have dreams? I believe creativity, how we share ourselves with others, to be a powerful healing energy. 
Loving and accepting ourselves for who we are, accepting in our cells the universal love and the love of others is the best medicine anyone could be on. Our deepest suffering comes from not being able to love ourselves and others.
Great books to read:
Wolf-Dieter Storl: Healing Lyme naturally
Brian Rosner: Freedom from Lyme disease
Richard Horowitz: Why Can't I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease
Stephen Buhner: Herbal Antibiotics
Bryan Rosner: The top 10 Lyme disease treatment 
Anthony William: Medical Medium 
Yolanda Hadid: Believe me
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