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What is Conscious Breathing Workshop?
Conscious Breathing Workshop is a monthly gathering. It is open to anyone interested in breathwork, no experience is necessary.
The group of 6 people maximum, creates a safe and compassionate space for every one to relax and be. 
The workshop is run by Ghislaine, a qualified Breathwork Group Practitioner, with 20 years experience.
What is Breathwork?


Breathwork is a body centered therapy using Conscious Connected Breathing to unlock physical, mental, emotional or spiritual dysfunctions.

Conscious breathing means to be aware of our breathing, noticing it’s pattern and the sensations that arise in our body when we do breathe consciously. Conscious Connected Breathing is the ability to breathe fully on the inhale and to totally relax the exhale. There is no pause between the inhale/exhale and the exhale/inhale.

The power of Breathwork relies on its intention setting. Having a formulated intention by words or images gives a direction for the brain/body/spirit system to release what is the way of us achieving this intention.

It is organic and safe, Your system will only release what you are ready to see, feel or be aware of.

What better tool than using on our breath which is fully part of our living mechanism to clear and detoxify thoughts and memories (Mind), to relax our nervous system and to activate our immune system (Body) to create the most relaxed and enjoyable life (Spirit)

The body memory of trauma, upsets, misunderstanding and confusion can be released, allowing for the cells to clear the blockages  and receive the oxygen necessary for life. Only comes up what you are ready to clear. This results in feeling energised and more conscious about the creative direction our life can take.

The power of the group
It is fascinating to observe how a group gets formed to the perfect need of each of the participants.
Breathing in a group setting, not only enhances your own intention but also adds to an aspect of this intention you might not have been aware of. The synergy between the participants of a group enhances the power of our personal intention. Each person of the group represents a facet of the world you are living in. 
The sharing and debriefing in a group setting is powerful. One is often touched by the amount of love, understanding and compassion which exists between the participants. This is so healing to receive and to give. 
The realisation that we are one and not alone is very precious indeed and is a gift to take home with you.
What is the cost & where is it held?
The  workshop cost is $150 and is limited to 6 participants only to provide safe distancing and personal care.
They are generally held the 3rd Saturday of every month, between 2pm-5pm at the Awareness Institute Level 1, Suite 103/28 Chandos St. St Leonards NSW 2065 
What people say about their experience
"Thanks for yesterday. I slept really well and definitely have less pain today. I really enjoyed the way you held your group and the benefit it has brought me. You do what you do well and you have a great depth of understanding and passion for waht you do. I saw you provide pathway for people to shift emotions and provide them with a sense of understanding around their experience in a beautiful, gentle and safe way" Annette S.
 "Many thanks for today, love your guidance in Breathwork. Very insightful" Lou H
"You were my first Breathwork teacher last year :)) and that workshop changed my life. I am ready to dive deeper into my Breathwork practice and am feeling called to meet you again - where it all started" Thank you. Maya S.
"Ghislaine, thank you so much for such a beautiful session. I am so grateful to you for your love in my life. Thank you for Ana also... So beautiful to witness your energy holding space for others" Sue McD
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