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The greatest gift we can give humanity is our commitment to constantly raise our level of consciousness and vibration.

Disease or unease come when there is separation.
Separation from part of ourselves, from others or from life itself.
For most of us, some kind of separation happened during the birth process or during our early developmental years.
One of the most damaging ensuing separation is the one we have from ourselves, from who we really are, our original nature and from or ability to receive universal love. 
This disconnection from self creates the terrain in which pathogens thrive which may result  in mental or physical symptoms.
The quality of your life and of your health is directly related to the quality of the relationship you have with yourself 
Conscious Energy Medicine course is a heart, body and mind medicine course. 
The aim of the training is to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing for personal self development practice or as an addition to professional therapeutic  practices.
It promotes the integration of  mind and  heart so that the coherence of thoughts, actions and feelings results in peace of mind, physical vitality and enjoyment of life.
The series of workshops are based on Energy Medicine, Spiritual Psychology, Kinesiology, Breathwork and Feng Shui. 
The course is designed to gain theoretical and experiential knowledge of the different modalities used in the program.
The exchange between students allow them to experience the training as clients, for their self development and as practitioners for professional education.
Each unit will give each participants the opportunity to explore for themselves areas of possible dysfunctions, confusions or traumas preventing from a sense of freedom , lightness, vitality and purpose.
The modalities:
The science of Conscious Breathing is about repairing the breathing mechanisms so that you can establish more love, prosperity, good health and tranquillity in your life and so that you can reconnect to your divine essence and tap into your joy, creativity and passion for life.
Energy Medicine uses the understanding that we are energetic beings and that our energy, health and vitality can be enhanced and transformed with simple and powerful techniques.
Spiritual Psychology deals with the major, most common traumas which have been established as having an effect on mental and physical dysfunctions.​
Kinesiology is the most direct way to connect and stimulate our body’s  innate intelligence to heal itself. Muscle Monitoring (Muscle testing) gives instant access to the subconscious mind which holds information about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self.
Feng Shui is about mastering the art of living and harnessing the positive energies of the earth. Its application will create the most auspicious space for healing and relaxing and the ideal platform from which  you can create your vibrant  and exciting life outcomes.
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COST: $220
One day workshop on the healing power of the breath
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This is a pilot program and as such the content or the delivery of the course may vary following the organic need of the group
  • Pre requisite for students: None
  • Practical applications: Self care, self development, healing support
  •  Professional skills to enhance existing practice.
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