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Wise, passionate, wonder-filled women…


…are a gift to the world.

In this book you’ll revel in the authentic, vulnerable stories from women around the world who have created a juicy, thriving life. And you’ll delight in the fact that they not only want to share their real stories with you but they’re willing to teach you the tools that got them there!

Wholehearted Wonder Women 50 Plus is a collection of brave words from some of the most empowered and passionate women on the planet. If you’re craving inspiration that moves you into action for your biggest dreams and desires look no further than the pages of this book.

You’ll dance, you’ll cry, you’ll scream and shout…
…because who doesn’t want a toolkit for courage, confidence, and creativity at any age!

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Wholehearted Wonder Women
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Chapter 6


I am doing a final read through of our book, before we press “print” tomorrow.

Ghislaine your words are full of wisdom, richness and unwavering love in your chapter. Thank you for all of who you are and all that you offer. Much love Lulu ❤️

Lulu Trevena, lead author

 I just read your chapter and I have tears rolling down my face. It is authentic, real, loving, full of wisdom and grace, just like you.

Thank you for who you are and your commitment to healing.  

Susan, Executive coach

Ghislaine, thank you for this. I just read your chapter and it deeply moved me. Your words are so powerful with great meaning. I can literally FEEL them coming off the pages. I love the gift of the breath meditation.

Gratitude to you .. xx

Jenny, Breathwork Practitioner and secretary of the Australian Breathwork Association

Ghislaine, I finally was able to sit down and read your chapter. I absolutely loved it. There are many things I underlined among many this:

"There is no other purpose to your life than learning to love yourself so that you show up and make a difference." It profoundly spoke to me. Thank you!

Daniela Caine Co-author