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Letting go

Would you like to know how to let go?

Would like to know how to be in touch with your emotions so they can guide you and show you the way?

Would you like to break free from the inner jail you have constructed in order to protect yourself?

Each time I do I feel so much better. Each time I can connect with my inner truth in all safety , security, pleasure and wonder, I feel healthy.

Allowing myself to be with what is without needing to control what is, is the recipe for freedom.

Freedom comes from my ability to breathe freely, in a conscious connected way, with the breath starting in my navel, going to my chest and to my upper chest.

It is like an input of life, of energy and of love that I feel myself up with.

It is not always natural or easy to breathe that way, especially if my ego, my mind has an issue at stake. It is trying to protect me from an experience that would make me feel fragile, disempowered or fearful. The safety latch is in the way and I can't let go!

My life, my sanity depends on it!

Is this the truth? No, of course not. This is just the protective mechanism I have put in place in order to survive difficult emotions.

As I lay, breathing in a conscious connected way, I am able to release, slowly, organically.

A pain, a contraction in my body, a tear, I take a deeper breath and I yield into what is with compassion, gentleness and patience.

My breathing gets easier, a smile comes up faintly on my lips. I know I have been able to let go of some thing buried deep in my unconscious. I am now free to be with what is.

My nervous system is calm. I feel at peace, confident and hopeful.

No drugs was needed, nothing outside of what my body was used, just my willingness to connect through my breath to my body, to my mind and to my spirit. I had nothing to do really, just to lay down and breathe, to accept was is and to allow for the movement of my breath to create transformation.

"Nature always follows the simplest way" (ancient Chinese saying)

Would you like to experience the power of your breath?

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