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Let go of who you were yesterday

No choice I guess!

It seems that this is being made for us, orchestrated on our behalf.

All we need to do is allowing for the past to fall of our shoulders.

Allowing for ourselves to change our mind, literally.

We are all mind.

Our body, our life circumstances is created by our mind.

The world is mind or did I say the world is mad?

Our mind was becoming mad.

Man's habits were getting out of reason, and we were stopped on our tracks.

Totally stopped, no movements allowed.

We were asked to stop and focus on our breathing.

Fighting against the virus that would stop us to breathe.

Fighting against the men that would stop us to breathe.

Yes, our life matters.

And we matter to Life.

Each one of us is a piece of the puzzle of the Universe.

Our piece matters and it matters for our piece to be the best representation of who we are.

So for this, Gaia asked us to stop and consider our piece, ourselves.

Am I happy with who I am?

Am I happy with how I share myself with others?

Am I happy with the impact I am leaving on the planet?

Now is the time, Love is the way!

Do I need to forgive?

Do I need to forget?

Or do I just let go of it all? Bypass the work in progress to go straight to how I want to be feeling right now. Just like that! Let go of the bill!

No more accounting!

Let go of what they did or didn't do, let go of what you did or didn't do.

Create a new reality. The reality that you want .


Set an intention.

It's powerful, it works, always.

What would you like to be happening in your life that is not happening now?

Emotions will come up. Take care of them. They are your salvation.

Welcome them, be with them, cherish them.

They will show you the way to your true self.

Nothing to do.

Just being.

Being with the feelings, with the sensations arising in your body

Breathing into them

Nothing to work out, nothing to understand

Being in your body, being in your spirit, being in your soul

Receiving air, receiving energy, receiving love

The new comes, allow it

Transformation comes, receive it.

You are now, cherish that

You have let go of who you were

Ps: "Let go of who you were yesterday or even a moment ago, and welcome who you are in this very moment." Those words were channelled by Tanaaz on her intuitive weekly energy forecast of Aug 30-Sept5, 2020 and they inspired me to write this blog.

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