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Living with Lyme disease

Here is a fabulous account of what it is to live with Lyme disease.

Lyme and its co infections are still left undiagnosed too often, leaving sufferers wondering what is wrong with them and why they cannot get better.

Being a Lymie myself, I have understood that the best way to fortify my immune system was not only to work on the biology of it (supplements, food, parasite cleanses, natural anti-biotics, herbs... on a rotation basis and always introducing something new) but also and at the same time working on calming down my over active nervous system which was unable to switch from fight of flight (sympathetic nervous system) to the rest and repair mode, the parasympathetic nervous system.

Slowing down my life, one breath at a time, understanding what rhythm was appropriate for me (a very different one than what is expected from the illusionary world we live in) and really understanding and applying compassion, patience and satisfaction for who I am and for the people around me.

I also found that the best boost to my immune system was creativity and the realisation of dreams or desires that had been pushed aside.

My understanding is that if parasites, worms, mold, bacteria and virus are happily living in my body, the terrain must have been facilitating this.

So thoughts, words or actions which are life enhancing and immune system boosting are as important as chelating heavy metals through orthomolecular medicine.

Detoxifying my limiting belief systems around myself and life are as important as supporting my body with the MTHFR or Pyrolles gene deficiencies which limit my body to detoxify.

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